Field Sobriety Tests

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Field Sobriety Testing

Under California law, a police officer may pull you over if he suspects DUI. In determining whether or not alcohol or drugs have impaired your driving ability, he may conduct field sobriety tests in which you are asked to do certain physical or cognitive exercises. If the officer believes that you have failed these tests, he can then arrest you for DUI and take you in for further chemical tests. These tests must be conducted according to standards set by law. The standardized field tests most often used are:

  • Walking the line and turning
  • Standing on one leg
  • The horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which is where you follow an object or a light with your eyes

Other tests may include reciting the alphabet, counting backwards, the finger to nose test, and standing with your feet together while tipping your head backwards for a count of 30.

Such field tests can be challenged as part of your defense. The arresting officer can make a mistake in administering them, and his decision about how you perform them is subjective. These tests are often inaccurate and inconclusive. Many people cannot perform these tests when entirely sober due to various reasons, including lack of coordination and balance, road or surface conditions where the test was conducted, type of shoes worn, and certain types of health conditions.

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