Defense Of Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation

Drug manufacturing and cultivation are serious crimes that require serious criminal defense. If you have been charged with growing, harvesting, or otherwise creating marijuana, crystal meth, or another controlled substance, you should learn about your full scope of legal options from an experienced attorney. Similarly, if you have been charged with illegally growing medical marijuana, you should research your options.

Before becoming an attorney, Ivan Morse worked as a police officer and investigator. He understands both sides of a drug crime investigation, and uses that information to assist clients facing criminal charges for drug manufacturing and cultivation.

To learn about your specific legal options, contact a Livermore, California, drug manufacturing and cultivation defense lawyer to learn more.

Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Charges

You may be charged with drug manufacturing or cultivation if you are suspected of growing marijuana, growing medical marijuana, operating a meth lab, or participating in small- or large-scale drug distribution. No matter what circumstances have led to your charges, it is important to know that you have legal rights that need protecting and potentially strong defense options. Talking to an experienced attorney about your specific options is your first step.

Attorney Ivan O.B. Morse has handled numerous drug manufacturing and cultivation cases. He understands how the police and prosecution approach these cases, and can effectively challenge probable cause and illegal search and seizure. He will spend the time necessary to fully investigate your criminal charges and come up with a solid defense strategy.

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