Federal Criminal Defense

If you are under investigated for a federal crime, remain silent and obtain legal help from a highly skilled criminal defense attorney. Anything you say to law enforcement could be used against you. In fact, many people end up going to jail — not for the charges under investigation — for being untruthful to investigators.

At the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse, we offer more than 28 years of experienced in the criminal justice system. Criminal defense attorney Ivan O.B. Morse is a former police officer who understands the high stakes you are up against. Federal authorities are known to devote substantial time and resources developing a strong case against individuals under investigation for committing federal offenses. By the time you are charged with a crime, federal authorities likely have a substantial amount of evidence obtained against you.

Livermore federal crimes defense attorney Ivan O.B. Morse is committed to leveling the playing field against you. He will apply his years of experience and legal skills to try and stay ahead of the prosecution at every turn possible. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with a highly skilled defense lawyer.

Defending Against Federal Charges in the Bay Area

Federal crimes either cross state lines, occur over the internet or involve a federal agency such as the U.S. Postal Service, federally-insured banks or the Securities and Exchange Commission. The most common cases prosecuted at the federal level include:

Several factors can make federal criminal defense so daunting. Federal sentences are severe with no possibility of parole. The federal criminal code does not lend itself to plea negotiation. Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents typically have far greater resources and experience than their state counterparts. If you are under federal investigation, entrust our law firm to protect your constitutional rights. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills to develop an aggressive defense strategy.

When the Stakes are High, Obtain Experienced Legal Help

If you are under investigation for a federal offense, we understand that this can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. The federal government is known to have powerful investigative tools and resources at its disposal, including wiretaps, pen registers video surveillance that can be used to develop a strong case against you.

The federal government typically uses task forces that combine law enforcement agents from federal, state and local authorities into a powerful prosecution team. In short, the federal government will not hesitate to devote tremendous resources against you.

When the stakes are high, entrust our law firm to help protect your rights. Our firm's defense attorney Ivan O.B. Morse will act quickly to conduct an investigation into the allegations against you. Part of his focus includes evaluating the nature of the evidence collected against you to uncover any contradictory or false statements.

Attorney Morse will also conduct his own investigation to try and identify any witnesses or evidence that can be used in your favor. He will also question the validity of evidence obtained against you through a snitch or someone with a criminal record. Attorney Morse will fight for the charges to be dismissed or greatly reduced based on any violations of your constitutional right or procedural errors made by law enforcement.

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If you are accused of committing a federal crime, contact our law office today to schedule a free initial consultation. Attorney Morse will act quickly to develop an aggressive defense strategy focused on mitigating any potential penalties.