Hit & Run Defense

If you have been charged with hit and run, trust your case to our staff at the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse. We are dedicated to helping clients understand their options and aggressively stand up for their rights by using our over 35 years of criminal defense experience.

We begin each hit and run case by investigating all aspects of the situation, including:

  • Examining all physical evidence in the case, including property damage and personal injury to you and/or others
  • Seeking out and talking to any witnesses to the accident
  • Scrutinizing police procedures to check for possible violations of your constitutional rights
  • The situation surrounding your arrest and whether the arrest was warranted
  • Any additional charges that were filed against you in conjunction with the hit and run

If the police conducted a warrant-less search of your vehicle (and/or seizure of any materials), it is important to enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, such as Ivan O.B. Morse at our office. With several years of Oakland police officer experience, Mr. Morse is able to explain the proper police procedures, your constitutional rights, and how the search and seizure was presumptively illegal.

Contact a hit and run defense lawyer at the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse in Dublin, California to schedule your free initial consultation. During this time, attorney Morse can assess your case and begin to develop a strong defense strategy.