Obstruction of Justice

Committing the crime of obstruction of justice is a very serious criminal offense. It is the crime of interfering with the administration and due process of the law. It includes the interference of any investigation or a criminal proceeding. In order to be charged, law enforcement must believe or have strong evidence that you influenced or attempted to influence a proceeding or an investigation in some manner.

A conviction for obstruction of justice can result in a jail term of up to 10 years, depending upon the obstruction committed. It can also result in heavy fines, community service, probation and a misdemeanor or felony charge on your criminal record. Livermore obstruction of justice lawyer Ivan Morse has successfully helped many people accused of this crime. If you have been accused of obstructing justice in Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Castro Valley or any of the surrounding areas the Law Office of Ivan Morse can help. Some examples of obstruction of justice that Ivan Morse has successfully defended are as follows:

  • Lying to law enforcement during questioning
  • Giving a false statement
  • Falsifying, hiding or destroying evidence
  • Falsifying, hiding or destroying documents
  • Paying someone else to give false evidence or testimony
  • Attempting to influence a jury or witness before or during trial
  • Assaulting or threatening a person for co-operating in a police investigation

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Since 1981, Attorney Ivan O.B. Morse has successfully helped clients accused of obstructing justice. He is a former Oakland police officer and investigator with an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system. Mr. Morse vigorously protects clients' constitutional rights, and he is well-prepared to help you. Put our experience to work and contact us today