Possession of Stolen Property

From our law office in Dublin, California, criminal defense attorney Ivan O.B. Morse provides comprehensive and aggressive representation to clients who are facing possession of stolen property charges. We strive to explain these charges and the impact a conviction in this matter may have on your life.

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If you have been charged with possession of stolen property or another theft-related crime, contact the Law Offices of Ivan O.B. Morse. We work hard to help clients throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties avoid convictions and minimize consequences related to criminal charges.

For over 35 years, Mr. Morse has been handling a range of criminal defense cases on behalf of clients in Pleasanton and the surrounding areas. Before beginning his practice of law, Mr. Morse was an Oakland police officer. This experience gives Mr. Morse a unique insight into the way in which law enforcement officials handle criminal matters, including possession of stolen property.

Defense of Possession of Stolen Property Charges

Possession of stolen property is a crime that can be considered a felony or misdemeanor, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of stolen items
  • The way in which the stolen property was acquired (such as theft or purchase)
  • The value of the stolen items

Whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, possession of stolen property is usually prosecuted in state court. However, there are instances where possession of stolen property can be considered a federal crime. There are a number of federal laws that dictate penalties and charges for someone who is caught transporting or selling stolen property across state lines.

Police officers and other law enforcement officials must have the proper grounds upon which to search your person or property, and seize any alleged stolen goods they may find. When reviewing your possession of stolen property case, we also examine the search and seizure rules that may apply. We challenge any illegal actions and move to exclude evidence which was obtained in violation of your civil rights.

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