Child Molestation Defense

When facing child sexual abuse charges or allegations of child molestation, your freedom is not the only thing at stake. Your reputation and future are also in jeopardy. Even though you have been accused of a crime, you are supposed to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. Unfortunately for many individuals arrested on child molestation charges, they are already deemed guilty by the public - before they are even tried. Those who are accused of child molestation can be subject to harassment, societal condemnation, and prejudice for the rest of their lives.

If you have been charged with a child molestation or sexual abuse of a minor in Alameda or Contra Costa County, contact experienced sex crime defense lawyer, Ivan O.B. Morse for the legal help you need.

Avoid the Harsh Penalties Imposed Upon Child Sexual Predators in California

Convictions for child molestation, solicitation of a minor, statutory rape and other child sex crimes can result in stiff penalties including lengthy jail and prison sentences. Depending upon the exact sex crime involved, you may also be required to register as a sex offender if convicted of child molestation in California.

With the help of our dedicated staff at the Law Offices of Ivan O.B. Morse, you can aggressively stand up for your rights and fight hard against child molestation charges. We are committed to thoroughly investigating our clients' cases to determine the best way in which to seek a resolution to the situation. Enlisting our help early on in your case can aid in protecting your reputation and rights.

Aggressive Defense by a Former Police Officer and Skilled Defense Lawyer

Your case will be handled by attorney Ivan O.B. Morse. As a former Oakland police officer, Mr. Morse has a full understanding of how law enforcement officials handle child molestation cases. He uses the knowledge he acquired during his years on the police force to your advantage throughout your case. With more than 25 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, he has the negotiation and courtroom skills needed to mount an aggressive and successful defense against sex crime charges.

In many cases, child molestation accusations are false. A child may allege that an adult engaged in inappropriate touching or other conduct that never actually happened. A minor may have misinterpreted an innocent hug or kiss. Through careful examination of the case, the situation in which the alleged molestation took place, and investigation into the alleged victim and his or her family, we can determine the validity of any accusations and begin to build a defense on your behalf.

You do not have to face child molestation charges on your own. Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Ivan O.B. Morse today to schedule your free initial consultation.