Defense Of Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes allegations are serious. You might be tempted to cooperate with law enforcement, but if you lie an additional charge — involving obstruction of justice could be pressed.

For over 35 years, attorney Ivan O.B. Morse has aggressively defended individuals. His approach starts with protecting clients' constitutional rights, including the right to remain silent. He is a well-prepared to investigate the evidence obtained against you to determine if law enforcement's tactics were illegal or questionable. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation and discover how we can protect you.

Aggressively Protecting Clients

At the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse, we effectively defend clients facing serious internet sex crime allegations, involving:

Mr. Morse meticulously reviews police reports to determine if warrants were properly obtained. He can determine if the scope of search warrants was violated. He is an aggressive criminal defense attorney prepared to fight for evidence to be dismissed, if clients' Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

Internet sex crime charges are complicated. Lawyer Morse offers years of experience as a former police officer to effectively defend clients facing serious allegations. He closely reviews Internet communications between his clients and any minors. He often finds entrapment tactics used in police stings.

Mr. Morse also works closely with computer and internet specialists to evaluate when pornographic images were downloaded. His detailed approach can help him determine if a roommate or another family member might have downloaded the images. Images may be downloaded without the user even knowing it.

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If you are facing internet sex crime charges, contact our law firm immediately. We offer a free initial consultation so you can discuss the best defense possible with Mr. Morse.