Defense Against Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Assault with a deadly weapon charges involve the attempt to commit an act of violence against another individual using an object that is capable of producing serious bodily injury. The object does not have to mean a gun or knife to be considered a weapon in this context. It can refer to anything from a bat to a frying pan or other object that could potentially cause injury. Even a person's hands or feet could be considered a deadly weapon if used in a way that has caused great physical injury or death.

Assault with a deadly weapon can be considered with a misdemeanor or felony crime, depending on the circumstances. This depends on the severity of the crime and the severity of the injuries to the victim.

Regardless of whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you should get in contact with a Livermore, California, assault with a deadly weapon lawyer as soon as possible. You may be facing penalties that could change your life forever. To schedule a free consultation at the Law Offices of Ivan O.B. Morse, simply contact us online today.

Defense of Assault With a Deadly Weapon Charges

You can be charged with assault even if no one was physically harmed. The cards are stacked against you from the beginning. It is critical to contact an attorney immediately if you are facing assault charges.

Ivan Morse spent time working as a police officer and investigator before becoming an attorney. He understands what tools are used by the prosecution to build a case against someone facing assault charges. He uses this knowledge to build an effective defense on behalf of clients — something he has been doing for more than 30 years.

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