Aggressive Defense Against Fraud Charges

We at the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse have over 35 years of experience defending clients against criminal charges, including fraud. We are dedicated to aggressively advocating for our clients' rights and pursuing a resolution to the matter that is in their best interests.

There are many different types of fraud, including:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Internet fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Embezzlement

Fraud requires specific intent to go out and take advantage of someone. The prosecution must prove this point in order to show that fraud actually occurred. Attorney Ivan O.B. Morse, with his background as a former police officer, can fully explain the types of evidence that the prosecution may be seeking or required to produce in order to show that the fraud that you are charged with was indeed intended. In many cases, fraud charges are accompanied by theft accusations. Our firm can help you address the fraud charges and any other charges that stem from the fraud.

  • It is sometimes possible to work out a resolution with the employer or business that have accused you of fraud. These arrangements are often outside of the criminal justice system and require repayment of the fraudulently gained funds through a payment plan or other means.

Contact a lawyer at our firm in Dublin, California, to discuss fraud charges. We at the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse offer a free initial consultation so attorney Ivan O.B. Morse can provide you with a realistic assessment of the potential for your case.