Charged With a Weapons Offense?

Whether you are facing felony gun possession or another type of weapons charge, you have the right to understand your options for seeking a resolution to the case. At the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse in Alameda County, California, our staff strives to provide personalized and aggressive representation to individuals who are facing weapons charges.

As a former police officer, attorney Ivan O.B. Morse is able to view gun possession and other weapons charges from a multifaceted perspective. He understands the ways in which law enforcement officials approach weapons cases and he can analyze any search and seizure or civil rights violations that occurred during an arrest or afterward.

We are committed to investigating all aspects of your case to determine the possibilities for building a defense, such as:

  • Whether or not the weapon was loaded
  • If the weapon was for hunting purposes
  • Whether or not the weapon was operable
  • Where the weapon was located
  • Whether or not you were aware that the weapon was in your possession

Being in possession of a weapon can exacerbate another criminal situation that you may be in. For instance, if you are charged with another type of felony, such as assault, and you are in possession of a weapon, the charges may be increased and can leave you facing jail or prison. A lawyer at our firm can take the time to explain to you how the possession of a firearm during a felony may complicate your case and can result in a stiffer sentence, if you are convicted.

Contact a gun possession and weapons charge defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Ivan O.B. Morse today. We can schedule your free initial consultation so you can learn about your rights and how we may be able to help you deal with the charges you are facing.