What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

  • Unique experience: Attorney Morse is a former Oakland police officer. He understands criminal defense cases from a legal as well as law enforcement angle.
  • Protection of your Fourth Amendment rights: While we will protect all of your legal rights, the Fourth Amendment — dealing with illegal search and seizure — often comes up in drug defense cases.
  • A focus on your case as a whole: Your case doesn't exist in a vacuum. Your whole life is affected: your family, your job, your freedom. We will take a multifaceted approach to helping you.
  • Accessibility: We maintain a caseload large enough to accommodate a number of clients, while remaining small enough for us to devote appropriate attention to each one. We encourage clients to get in touch with us whenever they have questions or concerns.
  • Cutting-edge representation: Attorney Morse is extremely vigilant when it comes to new case law and precedents that might affect the outcome of your case. He constantly educates himself in order to apply the current interpretation of a statute or law to the facts of your case.